Krushna Abhishek reveals Ajay Devgn’s character in ‘Deewangee’ inspired his role in ‘Red’

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Krushna Abhishek reveals Ajay Devgn’s character in ‘Deewangee’ inspired his role in ‘Red’

Actor Krushna Abhishek says his role in the upcoming psychological thriller, Red is inspired by the character Ajay Devgn essayed in the 2002 launch, Deewangee. The Devgn thriller, by the way, was influenced by the 1996 Hollywood hit, Primal Fear, starring Richard Gere and Edward Norton. Krushna’s character suffers from cut up character in the movie that, he promised, would hold the viewers on the sting of their seats.

“It’s a psychological thriller film. I am playing the role of a psychopath. Ajay Devgn did a film called Deewangee and my character is based on those lines. He (Ajay Devgn) played a character suffering from split personality in Deewangee. In our film, I think the audience will not be able to decide whether my character is positive or negative till the end,” mentioned Krushna, which casts him with Payal Ghosh.

“My character has negative, positive, emotional and romantic shades in the film, so at first I didn’t believe that the makers had considered me for this role. When I met (writer-director) Ashok (Tyagi) ji, he showed me a few pictures of Dev Anand sahab and told me he would like to portray my character based on his personality. I am glad that he has a vision for every character of the film,” he mentioned.

Krushna has typically performed comical characters on tv and in movies. Asked if it’s a acutely aware resolution to work in his new movie, in order to interrupt his humorous picture, he mentioned: “I am not making any intentional effort from my side to break my image of a comedy actor. I think I am not that old and not in a hurry that I want to play every role which comes my way. People have always told me that I am a talented actor but with this film, I am trying to do an experiment, so that I can gauge whether I am capable of doing different kinds of roles. So, I a bit nervous.”

Red is written and directed by Ashok Tyagi, and in addition options Sudesh Lehri and Shakti Kapoor in outstanding roles.

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