Texas family makes Covid-19 PSA about large family gatherings after 15 members contracted the virus

It’s custom for a lot of households to collect throughout Thanksgiving and all through the vacation season. But with the coronavirus international pandemic, these gatherings may flip Thanksgiving dinner right into a superspreader occasion.

The Aragonez family is now dwelling with the penalties of a large family gathering November 1; 15 members of the Arlington, Texas-based Aragonez family have since examined constructive for coronavirus.

All of the 12 individuals who have been at the get-together examined constructive for Covid-19, Alexa Aragonez stated — 4 lived at the home and eight have been visiting. She stated these family members then contaminated one other three, bringing the complete to 15.

As an worker in the City of Arlington’s communications and legislative affairs division, Aragonez stated, she noticed a possibility to make the family’s outbreak a educating second.

“We know that we messed up because we let our guard down,” she stated of her family. “We’re not unlike a lot of families.”

Aragonez stated they simply acquired snug and ended up paying the worth.

Although she stated her family had taken many precautions elsewhere, at the large family gathering, they stayed indoors and weren’t sporting masks. Covid-19 is extra more likely to unfold indoors than outside, in line with well being officers, who’ve additionally beneficial that folks put on masks inside when round individuals who don’t dwell of their family.

At first, the family was skeptical of the thought of making a PSA, Aragonez stated, however after some persuading, the family understood what it may do.

“It’s in English and Spanish,” she informed CNN. “We need to make sure we’re communicating in multiple avenues, tugging at the heartstrings of both.”

Her mom, Enriqueta, participated in the PSA even whereas hospitalized with pneumonia, which had developed all through her lungs.

“We’re doing better,” Alexa Aragonez informed CNN. “My family is healing slowly but hopefully surely.”

Enriqueta is out of the hospital however nonetheless has Covid signs and is isolating from the remainder of the family, in line with her daughter.

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