Govt suppressing farmers and helping handful of businesses: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with DMK Youth Wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin witnesses Jallikattu a
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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with DMK Youth Wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin witnesses Jallikattu at Avaniyapuram in Madurai

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday warned “those who run rough shod” over Tamil culture. Gandhi was at Avaniyapuram in Madurai to witness ‘Jallikattu’, the traditional bull-taming sport held during the harvest festival of Pongal. In a brief speech at the venue, Gandhi said he had come to give a message to the people who run a rough shod over Tamil culture.

He also attacked the government over the farm laws. He said that the government isn’t just neglecting them, “but conspiring to destroy them because they want to benefit 2-3 of their friends”.

“They want to give what belongs to farmer to 2-3 of their friends. Neglect is too weak a word to explain what is taking place,” Rahul told reporters.

The former Congress president said that farmers are the backbone of this country and “if anybody thinks that you can suppress farmers and this country will continue to prosper, they just have to look at our history”. “Whenever Indian farmers are weak, India is weak,” he opined.

“You are suppressing farmers. You’re helping handful of businesses. When Corona comes, you are not helping common man. Whose Prime Minister are you? Are you the Prime Minister of the people of India or of 2-3 selected businessmen?” he asked.

“Mark my words. Take it from me. The government will be forced to take these laws (the three Farm Laws), back. Remember what I said,” he added.

Earlier, Rahul siad that it was a lovely experience to see Tamil culture and history in action and appreciated the Jallikattu organisors for organising the event in a systematic manner so that the bull tamers and bulls are safe. Gandhi said he had received tremendous love and affection from the people of Tamil Nadu. Tamil history and culture will be protected and he had come to learn about them. He also wished the people a ‘Happy Pongal’.

Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President K.S. Alagiri and DMK Youth Wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin also witnessed the ‘Jallikattu’ event along with Gandhi.

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