Bill Gates: Bill Gates on why he doesn’t use an iPhone – Times of India

Bill Gates:  Bill Gates on why he doesn’t use an iPhone - Times of India

2021-02-27 09:53:15

There are over 1 billion iPhone users in the world and it is used by several high-profile names. However, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates isn’t one of them. In an interview on Clubhouse, Gates explained why he prefers to use an Android phone and not the iPhone. “I actually use an Android phone. Because I want to keep track of everything, I’ll often play around with iPhones, but the one I carry around happens to be Android.”
So Gates does use an iPhone but it’s not his daily driver. He further explained, “Some of the Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software in a way that makes it easy for me.” Gates in a subtle reference to iOS not being easily customised said about Android phones that “they’re more flexible about how the software connects up with the operating system. So that’s what I ended up getting used to.” Interestingly, with iOS 14, Apple has made the iPhones more customisable or flexible than ever. Microsoft’s apps are freely available on the App Store and one can also change the default browser and email client as well.
Gates also said that a lot of his friends have iPhones, “so there’s no purity.”
Gates gave the interview on Clubhouse, the new social media app, which incidentally is only available on iPhones as of now. Clubhouse, as of now, isn’t available on Android but there have been reports that the company is working on it. However, no date has been confirmed. Clubhouse is an invite-only audio chat social networking platform that has gained immense popularity in the last couple of months. Tesla CEO Elon Musk too has dropped in the app a couple of times.

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