Cinema Redux: No ticket hike, as pent up demand to meet restricted capacity

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Cinema Redux: No ticket hike, as pent up demand to meet restricted capacity

The restricted capacity at multiplexes won’t lead to a ticket value hike, fairly the pent-up demand is predicted to speed up the revival course of, stated Inox Leisure. In a dialog with IANS, the corporate’s Chief Executive Alok Tandon stated that new choices will likely be launched to appeal to prospects.

“There will be no change in the ticket prices,” Tandon informed IANS.

“We will continue to adopt the same formula which takes into account the paying propensity, cost structure, day of the week and the prevailing season.”

Notably, the Covid-battered enterprise is reopening on October 15th after seven months of lockdown, all throughout the nation barring a couple of states.

The sector has been one of many hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and the next restrictions applied to curb its unfold.

Some estimates have pegged the mixed losses confronted by the cinema exhibition business at an enormous Rs 10,000 crore, because the imposition of lockdown measures.

Undeterred by the huge problem forward, Tandon stated: “We are completely geared up and prepared for the new normal, which would assign topmost priority to safety and hygiene.”

Besides, he stated that firm will introduce new gives and engaging propositions.

“We look to curate special offers for the members of our loyalty program ‘Inox Rewards’,” Tandon stated.

“Inox will innovate with private screenings, where families or small er groups of guests can book the entire auditorium and enjoy the content of t heir choice.”

According to him, 50 per cent seating is an optimistic starting, after remaining shut for 7 months.

“Most importantly, we believe that with a large part of the working population working from home, along with the pent-up demand for giant screen entertainment, will evenly distribute the hype across all 7 days of the week, and all days of the month, and we will see our guests opting for flexibility,” Tandon stated.

“This would help us to work around with the 50 per cent seating in t he immediate future.”

According to Tandon, regional cinema and upcoming motion pictures will likely be in a position to fulfill prospects preliminary leisure demand.

“There are quite a few major Hindi titles, which are complete, or are near completion, and are extremely promising from the star cast and content perspective,” he stated.

“We also have our eyes set on the slew of releases in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Punjabi, which are slated to release over the next 3 to 4 months.”

“It is extremely encouraging to see new content being released in Bengal during Durga Puja, which includes five new movies. For the immediate content screening purposes, we will rely on library content and old blockbusters for a couple of weeks.”

Inox Leisure is amongst India’s largest multiplex chains with 147 multiplexes and 626 screens in 68 cities.

At current, cinemas and multiplexes proceed to stay within the checklist of prohibited actions until Oct 15th.

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