Govt holds back full IIP data for April

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The authorities on Friday held back the discharge of full data of index of business manufacturing for April, saying it’s not acceptable to check the IIP data with earlier months resulting from COVID-19 lockdown.

An official assertion confirmed that the IIP — which measures manufacturing unit output within the nation — stood at 56.three factors in April, 2020 in comparison with 126 in the identical month a yr in the past.

“In view of the preventive measures and announcement of nationwide lockdown by the government to contain spread of COVID-19 pandemic, majority of the industrial sector establishments were not operating from the end of March, 2020 onwards.

“This has had an impression on the gadgets being produced by the institutions in the course of the month of April, 2020, the place plenty of responding models have reported NIL manufacturing,” the ministry said in the statement issued on Friday.

Consequently, it is not appropriate to compare the IIP of April, 2020 with earlier months and users may like to observe the changes in IIP in the following months. These Quick Estimates will undergo revision in subsequent releases as per the revision policy of IIP, it added.

The Quick Estimates of IIP are released on 12th of every month (or previous working day) with a six-week lag and compiled with data received from source agencies, who in turn receive the data from the producing factories/ establishments.

For April 2020, the Quick Estimates of IIP with base 2011-12 stand at 56.3, the statement said.

The indices of Industrial Production for mining, manufacturing and electricity sectors for April stand at 78.3, 45.1 and 126.1, respectively, it added.

As per use-based classification, the indices stand at 92.3 for primary goods, 7.7 for capital goods, 42.0 for intermediate goods and 21.7 for infrastructure/ construction goods for April.

Further, the indices for consumer durables and consumer non-durables were at 5.5 and 89.4, respectively.

It is reiterated that, in the circumstances, the IIP for April, 2020 ought not to be compared with that of earlier months, it added.

Along with the Quick Estimates of IIP for April 2020, the indices for March 2020 have undergone the first revision and those for January 2020 have undergone the final revision in the light of the updated data received from the source agencies.

The Quick Estimates for April, 2020 have been compiled at a weighted response rate of 87 per cent, the first revision for March, 2020 at a weighted response rate of 85 per cent and the final revision for January, 2020 at a weighted response rate of 93 per cent, it said.

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