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After CNN projected Joe Biden’s presidential win, Van Jones, a former adviser within the Obama administration, and former GOP Sen. Rick Santorum each agreed that working-class voters nonetheless feel forgotten by each events — and that’s a hill that politicians might want to climb. 

“From the Republican point of view, we’re not convinced it’s over yet and we’re going to wait and see how the rest of these states play out,” Santorum stated.

“I think a lot of folks on our side are feeling the fears … on the economic side, people are afraid that Joe Biden is going to what the Boris Johnson is doing, and Angela Merkel is doing in Europe and shutting down the economy,” he stated.
“A lot of blue-collar Americans felt that neither political party really cared about them,” Santorum added.

Santorum stated Republicans are apprehensive about globalism, spiritual liberty and free speech, amongst different points. 

“As much as people are��concerned, I understand you’re feeling relieved, there’s a lot of people now on our side who are feeling concerned,” he stated. 

Jones stated folks ought to take Santorum’s remarks “very seriously.”

“Those working-class folks who felt that neither party cared about them weren’t wrong. People were sacrificed for an agenda that didn’t help a lot of people. And I know poor folks in Appalachia and poor folks in South Central [Los Angeles], they’ve got the same problems,” Jones stated. 

“And cultural wars notwithstanding, there’s a moment here. Do your lawsuits, that’s your right. But there is a moment here where we can reset, and I think Joe Biden wants us to reset. And I will do everything I can. We’ve got a lot of fear and a lot of pain — we got a lot of promise, too. … If we could sit down at the same table, we could get something done together,” Jones added. 

Rick Santorum and CNN’s Van Jones focus on what Joe Biden’s win means for the nation:

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