‘Living Cocoon’: Netherlands-based startup develops coffins made from fungus

'Living Cocoon': Netherlands-based startup develops eco-friendly coffin
Image Source : BOB HENDRIKX

‘Living Cocoon’: Netherlands-based startup develops eco-friendly coffin

In a primary, a Netherlands primarily based start-up Loop has developed a residing coffin made from fungus. The coffin–Living Cocoon–helps the physique to compost extra effectively. According to studies, it additionally removes poisonous substances and produces richer situations through which new bushes and vegetation can develop.

After intensive trials, this new and eco-friendly burial is able to be utilized in follow. The first of the preliminary restricted batch of ten Living Cocoons was already used for a funeral final week, as reported by Phy.org. 

Normally, the mycelium grows underground within the complicated root construction of bushes, vegetation and fungi. 

India Tv - The coffin also removes toxic substances and produces richer conditions in which to grow new trees

Image Source : LOOP

 The coffin additionally removes poisonous substances and produces richer situations through which to develop new bushes and vegetation. 

It is a residing organism that may neutralize all types of poisonous substances and gives vitamin to all the things that grows above the bottom. Bob Hendrikx, who based Loop, calls mycelium nature’s recycler: “It’s constantly looking for waste materials to convert into nutrients for the environment. It does the same with toxic substances, including oil, plastic and metal. For example, mycelium was used in Chernobyl, is utilized in Rotterdam to clean up soil and some farmers also apply it to make the land healthy again.”

According to studies, a pattern of a possible future design of the Loop Living Cocoon shall be on show on the (Re)Design Death exhibition within the Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade (The Netherlands) from 21 September. Visitors can have the chance to feed the residing coffin, contributing to the expansion of the woods that encompass it. The exhibition is dedicated to the theme of claiming goodbye, dying, mourning and remembrance and could be seen till 24 January 2021.

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