Parikrama to relaunch video of old hit to honour late guitarist Sonam Sherpa


Sonam Sherpa handed away in Feb 2020

Indian rock band Parikrama will relaunch the video of their basic hit, But it rained, to have fun the life of their late guitarist and founder-member Sonam Sherpa.

A full model of Sonam’s guitar solo shall be featured for the primary time on the video, which shall be out on the favored guitarist’s beginning anniversary, October 8. Sonam handed away earlier this yr.

“The video was originally shot and released in 2001, and was played on all top music channels of the day. The song was composed in 1996 and studio recorded in 2000. The video was made without any assistance from any agency, the band tied up with a director — Dhiraj Bannerjee — and between him and the band we did everything in-house,” Subir Malik, founder member and keyboardist of Parikrama, advised IANS.

Malik added: “It was probably the first ever film shot in Kaza (in Himachal Pradesh) and nearby areas of Spiti Valley.”

On why they picked this music, Subir mentioned: “But it rained’ was one of Sonam’s favourite songs, it also has an iconic guitar solo, that loads of people still record and keep sending us. During the telecast of the video, we had to cut short the solo because of TV broadcast restrictions (in terms of length of song back then). This is the first time we are releasing his full solo on video.”

“The video remains mostly the same, just the added 22 seconds of old grainy handycam footage (length of the added solo), as we didnt have any footage with us of the main shoot,” he added.

Remembering Sonam, Subir mentioned: “He was one of the most hardworking and sincere people we ever got to know. Twenty-nine years of being together, yet it felt like yesterday. That’s probably the biggest quality of the man. An ace musician, he just loved to pass on his knowledge to the kids around, and like us everyone really loved and admired him. Sonam was always the heart of the band and will forever remain so.”

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