The Social Network 2: Aaron Sorkin Will Write if David Fincher Returns

Hoping for a sequel to The Social Network? The ball is now in director David Fincher’s court docket. The Social Network author Aaron Sorkin — who received an Oscar for his script — has mentioned that he would like to pen a sequel to the film about Facebook, so long as Fincher returns within the director’s chair. This is not the primary time Sorkin has publicly mentioned his curiosity in The Social Network 2. Now, he is additionally detailed what a possible sequel would give attention to, if given the chance.

“As far as follow-up to The Social Network — I mean it wouldn’t be so much a sequel, but anyway — people have been talking to me about it because of what we’ve discovered is the sort of, you know, dark side of Facebook,” Sorkin instructed MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Sorkin added: “I met with a man named Roger McNamee, who had a book come out a year ago called ‘Zucked‘. Roger McNamee was a big early investor in Facebook. He’s a Silicon Valley VC, very interesting guy […] and became a kind of consigliere to [Facebook founder Mark] Zuckerberg right after The Social Network ends, in those years right after The Social Network ends.

“And it was McNamee, sitting on his boat going through his Facebook feed, realised there’s something strange going on here. There’s something weird that he’s noticing with the sort of the politics of the Facebook feed. And he took his concerns to Mark and he took his concerns to [Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg] and points out there’s something going on here.”

Aaron Sorkin in The Social Network
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Sorkin added: “They seem uninterested in doing anything about it. Anyway, this all ends up with McNamee in a [US] Senate basement secure conference room briefing Senate Intelligence subcommittee members on how Facebook is bringing down democracy, [saying], ‘Oh, we have a huge problem here and something needs to be done about it.’

“So, yeah, do I want to write that movie? Yeah! I can tell you right now, this is by way of applying public pressure on him. I will only write it if David directs it. If Billy Wilder came back from the grave and said he wanted to direct it, no, it’s gotta be David.”

Concerns over Facebook’s impression on democratic nations and polarising politics has quickly grown lately, partially as a result of substantial consideration to the alleged function it performed in Donald Trump’s victory within the 2016 US Presidential election, the prosecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and most lately, the rise of BJP in India and inaction over hate posts by politicians directed at Muslims.

While The Social Network was about Facebook’s founding and the lawsuits round it, this a lot has been made clear that The Social Network 2 can be concerning the impression it is having on the world. And it is sensible that Sorkin met with one other writer in McNamee. The Social Network was additionally primarily based on a e book — 2009’s “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich — and Sorkin will seemingly undertake the same technique if he will get to write down a sequel.

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