Tiny US enclaves cut off by border with Canada struggle during Covid-19

(CNN) — Each night, Point Roberts residents Steve Work and Shawna Sylvester head out for a stroll. Strolling alongside the sandy seashores that encompass the neighborhood, Work says it typically feels just like the American/Canadian couple has the eight miles of shoreline to themselves.

This is as a result of lots of the homes of their neighborhood are empty — the homeowners are absent as a result of months of coronavirus travel restrictions have made it unimaginable for them to reside in Point Roberts.

Point Roberts is a 5 sq. mile outpost separated from the remainder of Whatcom County and Washington State by 25 miles of British Columbia and two border crossings. Restrictions have made it unimaginable for US residents to get to the island.

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“It’s like an idyllic island;” says Work of Point Roberts, “except it was never set up to be an island.”

Point Roberts is a 5-square-mile outpost separated from the remainder of Whatcom County, Washington state and the United States by 25 miles of British Columbia and two border crossings.
Those boundaries by no means used to matter as a result of Point Roberts was built-in into the close by city of Tsawwassen in Canada says Work, “The border felt transparent. It was easy to come and go.”

But when Covid-19 instances started to soar within the United States whereas rising extra slowly in Canada, the 2 international locations agreed to border restrictions.

A border drawback

The closure, starting March 21 and renewed month-to-month, resulted in a dramatic drop in visitors between the 2 international locations, though important employees — reminiscent of truck drivers and health-care professionals — had been nonetheless capable of cross.

“This is a beautiful place with a strong community, but we’re isolated from just about everything,” says Work, who like most residents is raring for each governments to return up with an answer that permits residents to enter and exit Point Roberts extra simply.

The aim could be to get a particular exemption to cross into Canada to refill on provides and go to household or to return again by means of the Peace Arch border crossing into Washington State.

Point Roberts is only one of many close-knit, cross-border communities alongside the US-Canadian border which were cut off since Covid-19 journey restrictions had been applied.

But in contrast to extra typical border cities — which can be separated from their Canadian counterpart however are nonetheless connected to their bigger county and state — Point Roberts is what geographers name a pene-enclave; a chunk of land that may be reached solely by touring by means of a international territory. Other pene-enclaves alongside the border embrace Hyder, Alaska; the Northwest Angle in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota; and Campobello Island, New Brunswick.)

The community of Hyder, Alaska, has seen a dip in population and economic activity due to the restrictions.

The neighborhood of Hyder, Alaska, has seen a dip in inhabitants and financial exercise as a result of restrictions.


In regular instances, this hasn’t actually mattered. Point Roberts developed a singular hybrid id the place residents had been equally more likely to be Canadian as American. In the enclave, visitors pace indicators had been in US miles per hour however gasoline costs had been Canadian {dollars} per liter.

Daily life tended to maneuver fluidly throughout the border — with residents typically working, buying, recreating, going to highschool or getting well being care on the Canadian facet.

Covid-19 stopped all this.

Empty pene-enclaves

Pene-enclaves reminiscent of Point Roberts and Hyder typically grew out of nation constructing negotiations. In the case of Point Roberts, the isthmus was as soon as a well-liked summer season camp for Indigenous individuals from the Cowichan, Lummi, Saanich and Semiahmoo nations.

When the US-Canada border was set on the 49th parallel in 1846, it intersected the Tsawwassen Peninsula, leaving a blob of the United States dangling on the underside.

Point Roberts is what geographers call a pene-enclave; a piece of land that can only be reached by traveling through a foreign territory.

Point Roberts is what geographers name a pene-enclave; a chunk of land that may solely be reached by touring by means of a international territory.

Courtesy Diane Selkirk

Rather than being a mapping oversight, this line was really strategic. It granted the United States a navy foothold in addition to worthwhile fishing and crabbing rights. For a long time, the enclave was a no-man’s land occupied by “smugglers and otherwise lawless men” (in line with one report).

This modified when the US authorities cleared the inhabitants in 1892, making manner for settlers in 1908.

Point Roberts by no means turned what you’d name bustling. The tranquil little neighborhood with its seashores and forested panorama attracted summer season vacationers and 1,191 everlasting residents (swelling to about 4,500 in the summertime) who take pleasure in its laid-back vibe.

Since the closure of the border, the inhabitants is estimated to have dropped to between 800 and 900 individuals, and companies shortened their hours or shuttered — dropping by about 80%.

Struggling communities

Similarly, the neighborhood of Hyder has seen a dip in inhabitants and financial exercise. The easternmost city in Alaska, which is cut off from the remainder of the state by an enormous wilderness and mountains, depends on its Canadian counterpart of Stewart, British Columbia, for its gasoline, groceries and different requirements of life.

Canada's pandemic restrictions on border crossings has left the Point Roberts community largely empty.

Canada’s pandemic restrictions on border crossings has left the Point Roberts neighborhood largely empty.

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Found on the very finish of BC Highway 37A, Hyder is the one Alaskan city drivers can attain with out touring the Alaska Highway. The neighborhood normally sees as many as 100,000 vacationers in a yr due to occasions such because the annual Hyder Seek gathering of motorcyclists.

“Pre-Covid-19, the border barely seemed to matter, many of us crossed back and forth two or three times daily and moved between residences fluidly depending on the season,” says Jennifer Bunn, resident of Hyder and Co-Chair of the Hyder AK & Stewart BC Covid-19 Action Committee.

Now the 63 residents of Hyder cannot journey to Stewart and the 425 Stewartites aren’t permitted to go to Hyder. Currently, one member of every Hyder family is recognized because the “designated shopper” and is allowed a single journey every week for gasoline and groceries. No cross-border socializing, recreation or college attendance is permitted.
The border restrictions have left schoolchildren in Hyder, Alaska, unable to get to their school in Stewart, British Columbia.

The border restrictions have left schoolchildren in Hyder, Alaska, unable to get to their college in Stewart, British Columbia.

Courtesy Jennifer Bunn

Bunn says she hopes that officials recognize the interdependence of the 2 communities and permit them to create a bubble earlier than winter hits, “Due to border restrictions, Hyder residents were unable to collect firewood in Stewart, and I’m unsure how many will heat their homes this winter. We aren’t prepared for winter, emotionally or physically.”

In Point Roberts, fireplace chief Christopher Carleton additionally hopes lawmakers on each side of the border will notice how distinctive the pene-enclaves are. While the ban on nonessential journey throughout the land border is smart to him, he factors out his neighborhood is experiencing distinctive hardships reminiscent of households selecting to depart so their youngsters might go to highschool.

‘Common-sense options’

Campobello Island in New Brunswick is another pene-enclave. In this case, the only land route is through the United States.

Campobello Island in New Brunswick is one other pene-enclave. In this case, the one land route is thru the United States.


This mixed with US guests abusing the Alaska Loophole — a provision that permits Americans to drive by means of Canada to get to and from Alaska, by taking the shortest route potential, stopping just for necessities and avoiding vacationer points of interest — has made Canadian officers reluctant to make any modifications to already advanced border restrictions.

But Bunn and Carleton level out that neither neighborhood has had a single case of Covid-19 and that their very uncommon circumstances ought to make them eligible for commonsense options.

The Canada-US border stays closed to all however important journey till at the least October 21.

However, newly announced rules round household reunification, entry for compassionate causes and entry for worldwide college students to Canada in addition to enhanced compliance and enforcement efforts point out the border will stay closed indefinitely.

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