Xi jinping china declines congratulate Joe Biden us elections victory legal endorsement

US President-elect Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping
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US President-elect Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping

China on Monday declined to congratulate Joe Biden because the winner of the US presidential election, saying the result of the American polls ought to be decided by the nation’s legal guidelines and procedures. China has not but come out with an official response to Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory within the November three presidential election despite the fact that official media listed here are finishing up commentaries on their election.

When identified that China is likely one of the few international locations which has not but made an announcement on the US presidential election outcomes, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stated: “We have noticed that Biden declared he is the winner of the election”.

“Our understanding is that the result of the election will probably be decided in accordance with US legal guidelines and procedures,” he said.

Asked when will China make its statement or will it wait until President Donald Trump makes his stand clear, Wang said: “We will follow international customary practices”.

China is among a handful of major countries including Russia and Mexico that have not congratulated the President-elect.

Trump, a Republican, has refused to concede defeat to his Democratic challenger, Biden.

On the China-US relations which have touched a new low under Trump, Wang said: “We have always advocated that China and the US should step up communication and dialogue, manage differences on the basis of mutual respect, expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and promote the sound and stable development of China-US relations”.

He parried a number of questions, including how China plans to deal with the trade war negotiations launched by Trump.

He, however, was more forthcoming on the victory of Kamala Harris as the first woman Vice President-elect.

When reminded about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s statement calling for greater gender equality in a recent UN conference on women and does China have any comment on Harris, Wang quoted a Chinese saying which states women hold half of the sky.

“In China, there is a saying that women hold half of the sky. China has been committed to realising gender equality and advancing women’s development around the world,” he stated.

Trump’s 4 years in energy had been the worst part in China-US relations because the ruling Communist Party of China headed by President Xi struggled to take care of what China’s officers say is probably the most elusive and unpredictable American chief ever because the former US President Richard Nixon in 1972 established ties with the Communist nation.

Trump pushed aggressively on all elements of US-China ties, together with together with his relentless commerce warfare, difficult China navy maintain on the disputed South China Sea, its fixed threats to Taiwan and branding coronavirus as ‘China virus” after it emerged from Wuhan in December last year.

The Biden tenure could usher in a “buffering period” for already-tense China-US relations and offer an opportunity for breakthroughs in resuming high-level communication and rebuilding mutual strategic trust between the two countries, the official media here quoted Chinese experts as saying.

Biden entering the White House is expected to provide an opportunity for breakthroughs in resuming high-level communication and rebuilding mutual strategic trust between the two major countries, state-run Global Times said.

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